Simple Ways to Play Mahjong

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Slot Online E Wallet – Mahjong is a game that originated in China. This game uses stones or card pieces that are specially marked. The game is popular among ethnic Chinese and is played in various gambling casinos. This game is constantly evolving. Both in terms of rules, playing media, to the betting system used.

Here, players can play this mahjong game according to the agreement. In addition to manual games, mahjong games are also available in digital form or online mahjong games. With a game that is fairly easy, it turns out that this game must use a strategy so that the game is easy to win. How to play mahjong simple and concise?

Learn the Stone System Used

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Mahjong games usually use a set of cards consisting of 144 stones or cards. This type is the most popular mahjong game system among the other types. A set of these used stones or cards can be easily purchased at various stores.

In addition to the 144 pieces, another popular type is mahjong with a system of 136 stones or cards. It all depends on the game deal to be carried out. In this game, usually the stone or card will have a logo or symbol that is characteristic of the mahjong game.

Study the rock symbols before playing. Mahjong games usually use 3 symbols for the main part of the game, namely dots or circles, Chinese characters, and bamboo.

The roles of the symbols on this mahjong stone are like hearts, diamonds, curls and spades in a deck of playing cards. Each symbol has 4 identical sets, where in one set contains 9 stones. There are 108 stones in total.
The stone being played has the numbers 1 to 9.

This system is like playing cards, each number of symbols on the stone indicates the number it represents, except for the character symbols, which have Chinese characters as numbers. The number 1 stone for bamboo is a bird, usually an owl or peacock.

In the game of mahjong, there is a special stone called the honor stone. This honor stone has a red and green dragon symbol or the 4 winds. Players can use this stone like any other stone. Players can use them like ordinary stones and match them to form a meld, 3 of a kind (three of a kind), or 4 of a kind (four of a kind).

Symbol in Stone

This symbol is usually already a universal agreement set by mahjong players. This symbol, of course, has been widely used by many people. In addition to the specified symbols, the stones in this game have cardinal points.

There are 16 cardinal stones. 4 each for east, south, west, and north, played in that order. Just remember to start from the east, then the sequence moves clockwise. The first letter of the word is usually listed in the upper left corner.

Dragons will usually be represented with Chinese characters, but may also have a “C,” “F,” or “P or B” instead of the numbers 1-9 like the symbol stone. Players will get 4 identical sets of which each set contains 3 stones.
Before playing, make sure whether to use bonus stones or not. Bonus stones usually feature seasons and flowers. Usually, this stone is included in the Chinese and Korean versions of mahjong, while in the United States version or

Japan This Thing is Not Found

This player can’t always use these stones to make melds, but they can give extra points at the end of this mahjong game itself.
The image of the stones in a set may vary depending on the set. The stone set can contain stones depicting plums, orchids, chrysanthemums, and bamboo flowers, one each. Then, the set also has one stone for each season. In addition, there is also a blank stone, which is the equivalent of a Joker card.

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How to Play Mahjong

Mahjong is a game that is quite tricky to play. Players will be given a number of stones that must be played according to the rules. The rules in this mahjong game are by mutual agreement. Then, how to play this compact mahjong? Let’s see the following review!

First, roll the dice to see who is the East Wind. East Wind is the city of the game. Whoever gets the highest number of numbers after rolling two dice can play the role of East Wind.

The West Wind sits opposite the East Wind, while the North Wind sits to the left of the East Wind, and the South Wind sits on its right. While the South Wind, namely the person sitting on the right of the East Wind, gets the first turn.

After that, place the stones face down before shaking and distributing them. Place all the stones in the center of the table and face down. Stir all the stones to shake them. The East Wind can determine when the stone can stop shaking.

In the third stage, it was East Wind’s turn to distribute 13 stones to each player. East Wind gives 1 stone to each player at a time. The division will stop when all players have 13 stones.

After that, leave all the leftover stones in the center of the table as they will be picked up throughout the game. Arrange the “hand” stones into a row, with their faces facing each player

In the traditional game of mahjong, players can build a wall in front of each player in 2 piles of 36 stones each before distributing them. Then, the player will push all the walls together to form a square.

The East Wind throws two dice, then counts from right to that point on the wall and pushes 2 piles of stones forward to give to his hand. Players take turns pulling piles, 2 piles of stones at a time until they reach 12 stones. Then, Timur takes 2 stones and the other 3 players take one stone.

Charleston Rules

In the game of mahjong, there are Charleston rules. This rule is played in the United States. Pass the rock using the “Charleston” rule in American mahjong. This rule is a variant, and is usually only used in the United States version.

This rule is divided into 3 parts. Players must do Charleston the first time. Players simply take 3 stones from the hand they want to throw and pass them to the right (this is the first pass).

Then, do the same for the person on the other side as the second pass, then for the person on the left or also known as the third pass. If everyone agrees to this rule, the player can do the whole process a second time. However, players cannot do it if someone rejects it, even if it’s only one person.

In the third pass, the player can use the “blind” pass, which means the player can move 1 to 3 stones that are passed to the player to the next person without seeing the contents of the stones. Make sure the player can still pass 3 stones so use the stones in hand if needed.

Players can also make a “respect” pass at the end, which is when opposing players agree to exchange 1 to 3 stones. This move is optional, both players agree before a pass can be made, and specify the number of stones to be exchanged. The lowest number is used for exchange.

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Round System in Mahjong Game

Let South Wind draw and discard cards at the start of the round. The South Wind can pick up a rock and look at it. If he wanted to keep it, he had to remove one stone from his hand.

Otherwise, he could throw away the stone he picked up. When picking up a stone from the wall in hand, the player can continue from the point where it stopped when the stone was dealt and continue moving in the same direction.

To determine whether a stone should be kept, check its compatibility with the stones at hand. The goal is to form a meld, which consists of 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, and a straight.

If the player distributes stones using the wall method, it means that the East has 14 stones. Thus, Timur can throw stones early in the game, which anyone can pick up.

Let the South Wind throw stones and say names. Each time a player picks up a stone, either from another player’s throw or from the pile, remove one stone from the hand. Place the stone on the table, and say the name of the stone so that other players can pick it up.

The stone that is thrown away is enough to be placed in the center of the table. Players can line them up if they want.
Take the stone that the opponent throws if it matches one of the melds. If a stone completes a pong, meaning the player already has two other stones in hand, the player can say “pong” and pick up the discarded stone.

Stone and Hand System

Similarly, players can pick up stones if they have Kong or Chow in hand and say it out loud when picking them up. Then, the player must show the meld and place it on the table to prove it.

This type of stone picking follows the order in which the players turn except one if the stone allows the player to win mahjong, he gets the stone. Some variations only allow the player to pick up Chow’s third stone from the person just before their turn.

If you play Pong 3 stones at the table, the player cannot pick up a fourth stone, although it can be played if the stone is taken from a pile or wall.
Players can play the entire game without showing any meld in hand, which is called “covered meld”, but cannot pick up discarded stones. Not showing meld will give you extra points. Melds that open on the table are called “open melts”.

Take a stone from the pile to play with if you don’t want a discarded stone. If no one picks up the discarded stone, it means that the next player to the right of the player who removed the relevant stone took the stone from the pile or wall.

If a player picks up a stone and looks at it, but hasn’t placed it in hand, another player can still pick up the discarded stone. In this case, the player needs to put the picked stone into its original place.

Forward a turn to the player on the right. If a player has already picked up the discarded stone, the next turn goes to the player to his/her right, even if according to the order of his/her turn it should not have arrived.
When the player picks up the discarded stone, it is his turn, and the game continues from him. If the main player picks up a stone, the game continues in its normal turn.

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Replace the Joker with the stone in hand on the turn. If someone puts a meld with the Joker and the player has a stone that replaces the Joker, please put the stone down. Then, the player can take the Joker to use in the hand.

Try to Form a Meld

Try to form a meld. Meld is a set of stones strung together. Players can play the same 3 stones (“pong”) or the same 4 stones (“kong”). These stones can be numbers, honor stones, or bonus stones. Players can also play 3 numbers in a row, which is called chow.

Pong is like 3 of a kind, Kong is like 4 of a kind, and Chow is like a run or straight in rummy. In some versions, a player can only have 1 Chow in hand. Chow didn’t score any points at the end, but played his part and formed the mahjong.

When laying melds, place the final ends next to each and group them in front of the game. Players can only “play” the meld when picking up the discarded stone because at that time the meld has already been shown. Otherwise, the game has to wait until it mentions mahjong to open the meld, similar to a game of gin rummy.

Try to make mahjong by getting 4 melds and 1 pair. Mahjong uses all the stones on hand, which are 13, plus 1 stone that is not discarded. Then it requires 4 melds, which can be any combination of pong, kong, and chow, plus 1 pair. All bonus stones also give points.

Score and Win the Game

When the game is running, the player can say “call” (pronounced “kol”) when the player only needs 1 more stone to get mahjong. Tell other players that they have limited time to beat. Other players can also say “call” on their turn, having previously made a call.

Show your hand and say “mahjong” when the player set is complete. Players must have all Melds and Pairs before they can say Mahjong. If it turns out that the player does not have mahjong, the player will be disqualified throughout the game.

Get high scores in the game. Although there are various ways to calculate the score. The easiest way is just to count the stones in your hand. Mahjong is played over several rounds so points will be accumulated throughout the game.

If the player does not want to score the winning hand, it means that the score in each player’s hand is the same, but the mahjong hand gets an extra 20 points.

After that, apply the points based on the stone in the winning hand. Chow doesn’t get any points. Pong earns 2 points if it is open and 4 if it is closed. Pong numbers 1 and 9, or the wind has 4 points if it is open and 8 if it is closed. Kong has 8 (open) and 16 (closed) or 16 and 32 points if using 1 and 9, dragon, or wind.

Each flower or season earns 4 points, while a dragon or wind pair earns 2 points.

Play 4 rounds of 4 hands each. Usually, the game of mahjong consists of 4 rounds. In each round, players play 4 “hands”. With each hand, players can play until someone gets mahjong. During this time, players take turns being the dealer and even changing sitting positions.

With these various methods, the game will be easier and can get pleasant results. Although difficult, this game can be an alternative to fill your spare time. Good luck!

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